5 days in Nepal with Pomalo


About 4 years ago, I caught the travel bug and boy did I catch it bad. As I planned my honeymoon to the Greek islands, with little to no experience booking a trip, I pleaded for help on a Facebook page. Random strangers came to my aid and quite a few of them recommended I reach out to the lovely ladies of Pomalo Travel – the designers of custom-made travel itineraries specifically based on your preferences.

Fast forward 4 years, the best honeymoon anyone could ever ask for, and 20 countries later, I found out that I was actually their first client to make a booking through their website. And because life is funny like that, they wanted me to also be with them on their first ever female-only hosted trip to one of my favorite countries on the face of this planet, Nepal.

Having been there once before and having absolutely fallen in love with the beautiful nature (think views of rolling mountains, spectacular sunsets, and out-of-this-world sunrises), warm people, interesting history, and food that you won’t mind packing on some kilos for. I was super curious to see how Rana and Mona would be able to transform the beautiful, yet humble Nepal I had come to know, with an action-packed, yet luxe trip that I had come to expect from Pomalo Travel.

Although this was a hosted trip, I am by no means coaxed, or paid to give a good account of the experience. This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Ready?


Day 1.

The kind folks at FlyDubai and Lawrence Travel PR hooked me up with some Business class tickets straight to Kathmandu. So a good nap, movie, and 3-course breakfast later and we were getting to know our guide Mr. Mahish and heading straight to our first hotel.


That morning view though!


A short drive later and we were rolling right into our very own piece of heaven in the bustling streets of Kathmandu.

The staff at Dwarika’s Hotel greeted us with some sindoor powder said to give us good luck and happiness and to welcome us into their home and their country.


Copy of DSC_0383-01
Mona and Rana with sindoor powder


We were welcomed by our gracious hosts at Dwarika’s Hotel, shown around the estate, and promptly taken to our room to recharge and get ready to hit the streets of Kathmandu.

I was taken up to my suite and was instantly gob-smacked. I could already tell this was going to be a totally new experience of Nepal. The suite was so luxurious, I could’ve spent the entire holiday just lounging in the sandalwood-smelling sheets, taking in the skies of Nepal from my window.


A room with a view (Dwarika’s Hotel – Kathmandu)


But then again, how could I rest when there was so much to see, explore and, most importantly, EAT. Equipped with my camera, rain gear, and curiosity,  I was ready to explore Kathmandu Durbar Square with Mona, Rana and our group.


Copy of DSC_0387-01
Monkey’s roaming the temples of Durbar Sq. and the Crematorium


Having visited Kathmandu Durbar Sq. in late 2014, I was almost moved to tears to see just how much of the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site was destroyed by the infamous earthquakes of 2015.

Built in the 10th century, the medieval ruins of the palaces (Durbar means palace in Nepalese), leave you in awe as you see the past unfold right before your eyes. I was stepping into the unknown with sights of palace ruins, live goddesses, and people flocking for prayers and religious rituals.



Kathmandu Durbar Square


After Durbar Sq. we made our way to the crematorium area, where we were able to witness a funeral and cremation procession taking place. A truly unique and very intimate look into the local culture. From afar (as tourists aren’t allowed on the other side of the Bagmati River in Kathmandu Valley), we tried to discreetly and respectfully feed our curiosity.



Cremation near Pashupatinath Temple


Then we made our way throughout the temple grounds while Mr. Mahish explained the historical and religious significance of the place. We even got to meet a few Sadhus that offered us their blessings in exchange for alms.


Blessings from Sadhus


Mona from Pomalo receiving blessings from Sadhus


Copy of DSC_0354-01

Day 2. Kathmandu

Next morning, it was time for an early wake-up call and a delicious Nepalese/international breakfast Dwarika style before we began our first adventure.

Pomalo Travel had planned a morning plane ride above the Himalayan mountain range and I was giddy with excitement at the prospect of maybe seeing Mt. Everest in all her grandeur.


En route to see the Himalayas


A sight so beautiful it’ll almost bring you to tears. The cotton-like clouds, the snow-capped mountain range, the giggles throughout the plane as someone sees the peak of Mt. Everest — truly a sight that should be on the top of your bucket list.

Unfortunately, the weather was a bit too cloudy to capture the magnificent mountain range or even Mt. Everest on camera, but I’ve got a few mental images that won’t be leaving me during this lifetime, I assure you.


DSC_0270-01 (1)
Mountain range views


Rana from Pomalo in awe of the view


We were even lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the view from the captain’s cockpit. A beautiful panoramic vista, that kind of leaves you feeling a tinge of jealousy that the staff from Buddha Air get to see these views all the time.



Cockpit view


Sunrise views of the Himalayas  (Sarangkot)


After the sensational views, we were off to a local house to learn how to cook Nepalese food. We got to learn the rituals and eating habits with the chef, his wife and their teenage son — a truly wonderful experience. Spicy potatoes and buffalo meat for starters, a Nepalese Thali dish, and sweet momos for dessert were all on the menu and I was on Cloud 9 the entire time.




Day 3. Pokhara

On the morning of the third day, we jumped on an hour-long flight to beautiful Pokhara – personally, my favorite city in Nepal.

After arriving at the airport, we took a jeep and drove upwards for about 45 minutes till we reached the summit of Tiger Mountain and were greeted with a view that will leave you at loss for words. The highlight of my trip was staying at Tiger Mountain Lodge – Pokhara.


Copy of DSC_0634-01
View of the mountain range in Pokhara – Tiger Mountain Lodge


An all-inclusive, secluded estate with the best views all day long and the best Nepali food I think I’ll ever have (I’m salivating just thinking about it now).


Pathway from restaurant to lodges



Beautiful Nepali ‘high-tea’ platter at Tiger Mountain Lodge


After settling in, we then headed to a local school for the Pack for a Purpose initiative that Tiger Mountain Lodge is part of. We packed school supplies, books and other essentials in Dubai and brought them to a local school. We got to meet the students, talk to the teachers and enjoy the walk through the village from Tiger Mountain Lodge to Sri Shiva Shakti School.


Sacred tree on our way to the school


Copy of DSC_0559-01
Taking photos of a water buffalo we found on the way to the school



Copy of DSC_0549-01
Rana and Mona from Pomalo and me:)


Copy of DSC_0577-01
The amazing students of Sri Shiva Shakti Primary School


Copy of DSC_0601-01
Mona from Pomalo and the students of Sri Shiva School
Copy of DSC_0602-01
One of my favorite photos of this little guy giving me a full smile


Then we headed back to the lodge for a Nepali dinner with views fit for queens.


Nepalese Thali spread for lunch



Day 4. Pokhara


The next morning we woke up just before sunrise to a cup of ginger tea and a sunrise view of the Himalayas. Groggy, still in my pajamas and with a warm blanket wrapped around me like a burrito to protect me from the crisp dawn mountain breeze, I was blown away by the view.


Sunrise view from Tiger Mountain Lodge


Then we headed to Pokhara town to take a look at the famous Fewa Lake and Peace Pagoda and to take part in a meditation session with our guide and guru.

We took a row boat to the steps of the mountain with a meditation guru and trekked to the top of the mountain to partake in a private meditation session in one of the rooms of the pagoda.

Fewa Lake
Copy of DSC_0491-01
Row boats of Fewa Lake
Copy of DSC_0507-01
Rana in front of Fewa Lake taking in the view

After an adventurous trek to the top, we took our yoga mats and headed to the meditation rooms near the pagoda to learn about our chakras and how to meditate.

Copy of DSC_0402-01
Buddha’s watchful eyes on top of the pagoda


Mahish praying in front of another pagoda in Pokhara

Unfortunately, cameras aren’t allowed near the prayer rooms, but I left feeling 10 times lighter than when I arrived.


After our meditation session, we headed to Sarangkot summit for a paragliding experience, soaring above Pokhara Valley and taking in the views from the top that only paragliding could offer.

Getting ready to paraglide above Fewa Lake
Me discovering that I may have a fear of heights


After our paraglide, we hit the streets of Pokhara for some well-deserved plates of momos and went to explore the fairtrade market filled with pashminas, meditation singing bowls, and handmade ayurvedic beauty products.


Delicious vegetarian and chicken momos


Mona learning all about Tibetan meditation singing bowls


Day 5. Dhulikhel

A short hour flight back to Kathmandu and we were on our way to Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel. A holistic retreat perched on the beautiful mountain tops of Dhulikhel. Perfect for chakra balancing, yoga, meditation and spa treatments.

But before reaching Dhulikhel, we stopped on the way at Bhaktapur City (the city of devotees) a UNESCO World Heritage site. A city well-known for pottery, the grand Malla dynasty remnants and the Dhulikhel Durbar Sq.

Copy of DSC_0692-01
Lady selling local pottery goods
Copy of DSC_0649-01
Local fruit vendor with fruit baskets

Little did I know that the ladies from Pomalo Travel had yet another experience in store. They had arranged a pottery class with one of the local pottery masters — an experience I’ve honestly always wanted to try ever since the movie Ghost (Don’t pretend you don’t get the reference, you totally do).We rolled up our sleeves and took a shot at a pottery class.

With Unchained Melody in my heart, it was time to roll up my sleeves (figuratively) and get those wheels spinning (literally).





After the oddly soothing pottery class, we had a few hours to have lunch (more momos, yes!) and purchase some local goods, roam the ancient streets, strike up conversations with locals and just take in the beautiful durbar square.


Local woman selling pottery



Some buildings being rebuilt after the devastation of the 2015 earthquake



Beautiful textiles and cashmere



Every intersection has a shaded area where people of all ages come to socialize


There is no greater testament to the patience, resilience, and pride the Nepalese people have for their country. All around the country, 2 years later, and the people are still working together to revive their heritage. A medley of beautiful memories of what once was, and the possibility and strength the future holds for the people of Nepal.



Recovering from the devastation of the earthquake 2 years later


After exploring, we headed back to Dhulikhel to unwind.

Dwarika’s Resort is a wellness retreat that has different activities included in the price (and others paid separately).

There’s an organic farm on the estate and you can take a cooking class with the in-house chefs — starting from picking the fresh produce and ending in enjoying a delicious meal.

There’s a meditation area with 7 rooms, each signifying one chakra. You start at the first room, meditating into the first chakra and slowly make your way up to the 7th with the meditation guru.

There’s a Himalayan sea salt room filled from top to bottom with salt, buddhist chants, drinking water and dim lighting — all perfectly set up to ease your breathing, and help you meditate and unwind.

A fully-equipped spa is available on the estate with professionally-trained ayurvedic messeuses.

And if you’re lucky, you could even catch a glimpse of the some of the wildlife surrounding the resort.

Breakfast with a surprise guest


Dwarika’s Resort pool views


The perfect season for Nepal is right around the corner this October, and I wouldn’t have any one else help plan the trip.

The ladies from Pomalo have gone from being the driving force behind making my honeymoon the most wonderful experience of my life, to becoming friends I hope I can keep in touch with for years to come.

They are thorough, thoughtful and leave no detail to chance — always resulting in a trip that is nothing less than perfection.

In Croation/Dalmatian, the word Pomalo means to ‘go with the flow’ or ‘not to worry’, and there is no name better for these two — they do all the worrying for you, so that you’re always able to ‘go with the flow’.

Rana, Mona, Fly Dubai, and Lawrence Travel PR, thank you for making my trip to Nepal a truly unforgettable one.

The light in me sees the light in you. Namaste.


5 Days in Southern Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka has been on my Bucket List for a while now, and I’m so happy that I finally had the chance to visit.

Although our trip was shorter than I would’ve liked, I think we got a pretty decent taste of the Southern cities of Sri Lanka. Our trip was – all in all – 5 days, but it was absolute perfection from start to finish and I can’t wait to share our itinerary with you!


Day 1

We set off from sunny Abu Dhabi and a short 4 episodes of Family Guy and 4 New Girl episodes later, arrived in Colombo.

We hired a taxi to drive us to Midigama from Colombo. The entire ride I was told should be about 3 hours long, but we got lost along the way so it ended up taking double the time. Just make sure the taxi takes you through the highway! The taxi ride cost us about 7000 Rupees which is about 175 AED + tolls.

Our first order of business was to visit Ebb and Flow Jungalows in Midigama. About a year ago, one of the only fashion bloggers I’ll ever follow, StyleDrifter, featured these lovely Jungalows on her blog and ever since I’ve been lusting over them, in the hopes that one day I’ll get to check out the place. And I did. And it was glorious.


We pulled into the driveway a good four hours later than anticipated, only to find the wonderful Chef Indika had been waiting for us all along with a full-fledged dinner of incredible Sri Lankan curries galore!


Chef Indika’s Amazing Curries
View from the kitchen and dining area

Each Jungalow comes with its own special Jungalow Manual. A manual with all the information you’ll ever need. How to order food, where to get the best surf classes, the best-priced massages in the area, how much taxis should be charging you–I mean, this little booklet was a testimony on how much love end energy Verity and Garrath put into the jungalows. No detail is spared. They even give you a mobile phone along with their numbers so you can contact them whenever needed.


Fresh Fruit and the Jungalow Manual


Day 2

After getting the good night’s sleep we so desperately needed. We woke up nice and early for a very eventful day planned out meticulously. First, we were going to have breakfast with Chef Indika then we were going to get our swimwear and head for our first lesson in surfing…ever

Prepping our surfboards

I won’t lie and say that I was a natural, but I did thoroughly enjoy it even if I wasn’t ever able to get off my stomach! Garreth (owner of the Jungalows along with his wife, Verity) set up our class with a local instructor and I’m glad he did. This guy was an excellent teacher–very safe and very cautious while still giving you plenty of room to play:)

After our surf class we headed back to Ebb and Flow Jungalows and found that chef Indika had prepared a lunch fit for kings. So every morning after breakfast, you choose what you want for lunch and chef Indika scouts the local markets for fresh produce,

Here’s how the halfboard option of the Jungalows go. Every morning after breakfast, you choose what you want for lunch and chef Indika scouts the local markets for fresh produce, fish and poultry, comes back to the junglaows and prepares lunch/dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever been as spoilt  as I was on my last trip to Sri Lanka.


Lunch was Singapore Crabs with a fresh avocado and tomato salad


After lunch, we finally got to meet half of the brains behind these wonderful Jungalows. Verity stopped by and told us everything we needed to know about the area. She asked what we enjoyed doing and we hoped to gain from our stay in Sri Lanka.

Before my tour with Verity, Mohanned and I decided to chill in the private pool in our villa and enjoy the lovely weather.


Private Villa Pool


Her and I later decided to go on a famous Tipple Tuk Tuk Tour. You can find information on the tours on this link. So the cool thing about a Tipple TukTuk tour is that Verity and the wonderful Talak have you hop on their tutktuk and take you to all the coolest spots for drinks, snack, sunset views and dinner. You can hook up your phone or ipod to Talak’s tuktuk and enjoy your favorite tunes on the road.

The beauty of this tour is that Verity takes you to cool hangouts that you probably wouldn’t have found without her. She takes you off the beaten path, to enjoy wonderful experiences like catching fireflies by the beach.




Then she took me to meet her friends at Bedspace Hotel for an amazing dinner experience. Malcolm, the owner and chef, is also an expat living in Sri Lanka. The food, conversation and music just make for a perfect night out.Verity is also a life coach and I could honestly say I had very heartfelt, one-on-one


Grilled Chicken and Spanish Rice — Absolutely Delicious!


Verity is also a life coach and I could honestly say I had very heartfelt, one-on-one conversations with her without ever feeling awkward or judged in any way. It truly is an experience not to be missed. I mean, it’s not every day that you have the opportunity to roam a city with a local, right?


Day 3

Sadly, our third day in Sri Lanka was our last in Ebb and Flow Jungalows and it was time to set sail to our next destination in the Southern region of Sri Lanka, Koggala Lake.

We really enjoyed hanging out with everyone after dinner and I feel like we made friends in Midigama that I’ll never forget.

Sweet Tallak (he is the sweetest person on the face of this planet and the best hugger ever) was waiting to take us to Koggala by tuktuk and a short and very scenic 25 minutes later we were pulling up to the drive way of Tri.

On the way, Tallak stopped and showed us some wild sea turtles splashing about in the ocean and we got fresh coconuts. I mean that right there is my idea of heaven.

Tallak and I looking for sea turtles

I’d really recommend reaching out to Tri before arrival as the hotel is a bit off the beaten path and it will make your life a lot easier if the hotel staff talks directly to the taxi or tuktuk driver–it’s a little far out and could be tricky to find, but once you get there your life will never be the same, I promise.

This. Place. Is. Unreal.

It’s like something straight out of a dream.

Minimilist. Beautiful. Inspiring.


The first thing you see, the infinity pool
Library and Yoga studio

We were greeted by the lovely Imesha and a nice cold papaya smoothie and I knew I was in love. I still hadn’t seen where we’d be staying, but at that point, I didn’t care if I stayed on the grass and slept the night. This place is unbelievably beautiful. I cannot even explain.

After check in, Imesha guided us to where we’d be staying, the Water Tower room.

The outside of the water tower
View of the pond, library and yoga studio from the water tower


The bed and view

And as if I weren’t gob smacked before, I was informed by Imesha that multiple-course breakfast and dinner were included with the cost along with free yoga classes with the owner of the estate.

I can’t even call this place a hotel. It’s much, much more. Every inch of this place is so well thought out. I mean, the water in the pool is chlorine free, it’s ionised water.

The positioning of the water tower rooms follow the Golden Ratio which is said to promote harmony and internal balance.

I know most of you may be skeptical, but there’s something about this place that just has you at ease.

You will not want to leave. I promise you.

Please do not miss the spectacular sunset view over the lake on the terrace upstairs.


The sunset over lake Koggala at Tri


Day 4

The soothing sounds of dawn prayer at the monestary nearby along with the lake breeze will wake you up with a smile on your face.

Then it’s time to head to breakfast.

Everything they serve at Tri is locally sourced and organic. And each dish is a work of art.





After breakfast we sat at the infinity pool and soaked in some sun.

Pool Area


Then we contacted Imesha for help booking a boat trip to the nearby Cinnamon Island and a couple’s massage for our 3rd year wedding anniversary.

On our way to Cinnamon Island

The boat ride is equipped with a cooler full of cold beverages and fresh coconuts for the ride.

The island itself is a tour on how cinnamon is grown, harvested and prepared along with some other local spices and herbs.

My only piece of advice would be not to take on the tour guide’s challenge on eating chilis. I thought I was okay with the heat, but my stomach didn’t agree. At all. Don’t do it.

When we came back to the hotel, Imesha had put together a very romantic dinner for Mohanned and I in celebration of our anniversary. Along with a custom made anniversary cake.

The estate is breathtakingly beautiful, but the staff are amazing. They will literally bend backwards to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Day 5

I was heartbroken to leave, but it was time to thank the Universe for giving me the wonderful opportunity to visit Sri Lanka. We headed back to Colombo airport and right back to overly sunny Abu Dhabi.

Two months later, and I’ve already booked another trip back. I can’t wait.



Welcome to Morocco – اهلا بكم في المغرب

Moroccan breakfast


Prepare yourself for my most visually invigorating post yet–not because my photography skills have blossomed (they have not), but because Morocco promises beautiful pictures even if you were using a Nokia 3300.

I’ve been putting off writing my Morocco post for longer than I should’ve, only because I wanted to make sure it was as perfect as it could be and that it did the beautiful cities of Marrakesh, Chefchaouen, and Essaouira justice.

As a child, being a mixed kid always confused the heck out of me. I often wondered if I were more Arab than Hispanic, or vice versa. As an adult, I realized that being both was double the awesome–I wish I could’ve explained that to little 7-year-old Ahlam. I wish I could’ve told her that there would be a day you’d get to travel to Morocco and find city, upon city of people as vibrant, as culturally diverse and as authentic as you. With African, Arabic, Moorish, Spanish, Amazigh, Portuguese and French influence, Morocco stole my heart the second I landed in Casa Blanca.

A true feast for the senses–with sights, smells, flavors and various textiles caressing your being as you walk down the colorful alleyways of each city–Morocco needs to be on the top of travel bucket list, my friends.

Moroccan mint tea

Day 1

We landed in Casa Blanca, and hopped onto the airport train and straight to our hotel. We had lunch, slept at an Ibis hotel right next to the train station as we were heading early morning the next day to Chefchaouen. The hotel was clean, beds were rather comfortable and it was less than a 2-minute walk to the train station.

Day 2

The next morning we woke up at dawn to head to the beautiful blue-washed village of Chefchaouen. Located in the midst of the Kif mountains, painted from top to bottom in different blue hues and without a car in sight–it’s most definitely not a sight to be missed. We took a three-hour train ride to Tangier and then hired a petit taxi (a taxi cab) for an hour and a half to take us to Chefchaouen.

Then. We. Arrived.

I could try night and day to explain to you how beautiful this place really is, but I would never be able to do it justice. The people are kind, the breeze is gorgeous, the food and music and leather and..and…the list could go on for days!

ChefChaoun view

We commenced with the near hike through the steps, upon steps of blue that led us straight to the first hotel we’d be staying at, Dar Zambra. We were greeted warmly and taken to our beautifully decorated room. That photo above was the view from our window. The entire hotel only has 4 rooms, try to get the Green room–the room on the highest floor right next to the breakfast terrace. Put your stuff away so you don’t clutter the serenity of the room with every nook handmade to artisan perfection. Take a shower in the beautiful bathroom and just open the window and allow the golden Moroccan sun to warm you up as you lay in bed and feel the chill of the Kif mountain breeze and the sound of the adhan echoing through the air. It brings tears to my eyes just remembering. It was and is utter perfection.

The manager and his wife could arrange for a Morrocan cooking class in their quaint little kitchen.

Once the afternoon sun has subsided a bit, venture through the souks of leather bags, poufs and hand woven carpets and tapestries. Enjoy a conversation with the group of old men sitting on the ground, painting a masterpiece, conversing with friends and enjoying a drag of cigarette simultaneously.

street view morocco

Day 3

The next morning, wake up at dawn (trust me, do it) and enjoy the sun rise over the mountains. Enjoy the sun set over the mountains. Enjoy the moon emerge from behind the mountains. Enjoy the mountains.

Dar Zambra - StraightupBananas

Then head on out to the terrace and enjoy one the best breakfasts you’ve ever had.

Moroccan breakfast

We spent the rest of the day enjoying our room and scenery then once again, when the sun’s harsh rays subsided we walked through the alleys again. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of Lahm wa Barkouk (a lamb tagine with prunes and almonds) at a restaurant called Ali Baba…and then we enjoyed that dish 4 times more before we left 🙂


Then it was on to shopping for some leather, hand woven carpets and silver Amazighi jewelry.

Day 4

We checked out of Dar Zambra and in to Ryad Lina & Spa for a taste of a stay at a true Morrocan Riad and a Moroccan hamam.

The hotel was lovely, a bit more continental than Dar Zambra. The spa was absolutely lovely, but the staff didn’t add the personal touch that the folks at Dar Zambra did. The estate itself was lovely with a large terrace in front of your room where you could order room service.


Them it was time to take a taxi to the local bus station and head to Marrakesh. I warn you that you NEED to properly plan your trip. Geography-wise it’s not the best idea to head directly from Chefchaouen to Marrakesh it’s almost a 10 hour ride (and that’s if you ride the correct bus. We did not)

Word of advice, stick to the touristy CTM buses as they’re quick and they hardly make any stops. The bus that we got on, was a regular governmental bus that stopped every ten minutes. It almost took us 16 hours to get to Chefchaouen. Not the highlight of our trip.

Day 5

We arrived at Marrakesh at 3 o’clock in the morning which means we practically missed our first night there and were only left with one more night. Once we arrived at the bus stop in Marrakesh, we had no idea how to get to our hotel. Luckily for us, the riad manager, Desiree was an angel and when we called her in the middle of the night, she got out of bed and came to meet us on the street to take us to the hotel, Riad Farhan.

Day 6

Weary from the journey of the night before, we woke up without the slightest realization of the beauty of the space we were in. This riad is where you MUST stay if you’re in Marrakesh. YOU MUST STAY HERE! It is absolutely, jaw-droppingly beautiful! You won’t want to leave your room, I assure you!

It was like waking up in a dream. In a dream where you keep telling yourself that this could not possibly be real.

MarrakeshDSCN0408-01Dar Farhan - Marrakesh

In the afternoon, we ventured beyond the walls of the heavenly Riad Farhan to explore the city, with rows upon rows of souks of spices, leather, lanterns, mirrors and silver. We headed towards the famous Jamea Al Fana, an ancient square or plaza where the wonderful people of Marrakesh gather to perform acrobatic skits, theater, and music. With snake charmers scattered around, performing monkeys and horse-pulled chariots. With steamed snail stands, freshly prepared seafood stands with communal tables and walking vendors with fresh orange juice or fresh Morrocan tea strapped to their back. We realized we were light years away from peaceful Chefchaouen. Marrakesh was a different trip altogether–one not to be missed.

Day 7

Having had our short trip to Marrakesh be made even shorter by getting on the wrong bus, it was time to have one last lunch in Marrakesh and head off for a 2-hour bus ride to the coastal area of Essaouira.

Once invaded by the Portuguese, the dialect and food are totally different in Essaouira. The perfect place from some fresh seafood (especially sardines) and a good old-fashioned tan. We stayed at the lovely Le Medina Essaouira Thalasso and Spa. With a lovely sea view from accross the street and about a 3 minute walk to the city center, it was a good option in Essaouira.


Day 8 and 9

The rest of our trip was spent roaming the alleyways and fortresses and then enjoying some beautiful sunshine and beach time until we head back to Casa Blanca.


Day 10

We arrived in Casa Blanca, spent the night at the same ibis hotel and took the train back to the airport and back to Dubai 😦


I loved Morocco, I loved every second of it. Marrakesh and Chefchaouen were my absolute favorites. What a beautiful country!

I put together a little video of my stay here.





California Dreamin’ with tajawal


I’m a huge fan of tajawal. In fact, I’ve been using their services ever since they launched in 2015. Because they’re a local travel brand, they’re able to offer the best travel deals in the region. That’s why I was jumping for joy when they contacted me for a collaboration for my trip to the States and Puerto Rico last May!

If you’ve checked out my previous post, you can get the lowdown on my trip to Puerto Rico and some tips on where to go, how to get discounted tours and tickets and all the activities you need to cover. You can check out my full detailed itinerary here.

And because we covered a lot of ground and activities on our US tour, I’ve decided to divide the itinerary into two posts. This one is going to be all about Cali, baby! If you’re interested in how it went down, and you’d like to see a few of our photos, scroll on down, partner!

Day 1 — Los Angeles

Sunny LA, right? Nope. It was rainy, it was gloomy, it was freezing. lol not a good start. We had just gotten back from Puerto Rico and were fried by the sun. We also hadn’t packed properly–I guess the hot Dubai summers make you forget what a mild one is like!

We arrived at the Milner Hotel late that night, and after a somewhat bumpy check in, went straight to bed. The hotel has a wonderful location smack in the middle of downtown and with ample paid parking right next door. It was by no means, a memorable one–but it did serve its purpose. We wanted something comfortable, budget friendly and had a good location to be able to explore the rest of LA.

The next morning, we headed to the infamous Hollywood sign trek. Sadly, it was super foggy and wasn’t able to get any good shots of the sign. 2 hours in, we had hiked to the sign and checked out the Griffith observatory. We took a few pictures and it was on to the next destination, Santa Monica.

Took a walk down Santa Monica Bvd, had lunch, bought a few things and then hopped into our rental and took a trip down to Venice Beach.

Although it seems that lately Venice Beach has gotten a somewhat bad rep as a “tourist trap” and whatnot, it was our favorite place in all of LA. Food was delicious, sea breeze divine, and quality music and entertainment right-left-and-center. All the things I wanted in one. What’s not to love?

Up until that point, Venice Beach felt like my first actual glimpse into the Californian life I was expecting to see–surfers, hippies and the homeless all just hanging out. I loved the vibes. I loved the music. I loved the food. I was content with spending the rest of my time in LA just there.


Day 2 — Los Angeles

We woke up the next morning, determined to scratch the quintessentially touristy parts of LA: Malibu and Beverly Hills. We met a local guy who took us around and showed us what the glitzy side of Hollywood was all about. That not really being our forte, we cut the trip short and decided to go check out Santa Monica Pier–a place I found to be much more in tune with what I wanted to see. I mean, we live in Dubai, the luxury that surrounds us makes it hard to take notice or be impressed by anywhere else.

A quick bite of seafood at Bubba Gump, a few purchases later and a trip on the ferries wheel and we were set to jump back into the beast that is the Mustang rental and drive around a bit more.


For sunset, we decided to head on back to Venice Beach for dinner and a good old-fashioned session of people watching and getting to know whoever crossed our paths.

Day 3 — Carmel Valley

As far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t until day 3 that we really started to feel what the sunny State was all about. We jumped into the car early in the morning and began our gorgeous road trip from LA to San Francisco–with a stop at Carmel Valley for a night in the middle.

Here’s the part where I tell you what to do. Listen up close. You rent a car and you drive. You only drive on the Route 1 (aka the Scenic Route) all the way up to San Fransisco. Even though it’s longer, you will not regret it. There’s a reason it’s been dubbed the “scenic” route. It’s because it’s an utterly breathtaking view with stops that are just ridiculous.

The Beast

It was a short and sweet four-hour drive to Carmel Valley. With good music, the wind in my hair (my hair in my mouth and eyeballs) and beautiful coastal views, I could finally understand why so many songs had been sung for Cali.

On the way, we made a quick pit stop at Blancas Piedras to check out the Elephant Seal Rookery. Which is just about the cutest thing you will ever see. We were lucky and the beach was just full of fat little seals, just chilling on the beach in their natural habitat. It was a truly beautiful experience.

I had made sandwiches for the road, because aside from the seal rookery, I didn’t want us to make any stops. I know there’s so much more to enjoy on the road, but we had booked a KILLER Airbnb and only had one night in it–I wanted to squeeze that night and I’m glad I listened to my gut. You’ll see why…

We arrived at Carmel Valley and I was in heaven.

Our Airbnb was a thing from fairytales. An old water tower converted by our hosts Jeanne and Tiger Steele into one of the most beautiful Airbnbs we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.


What a view! What a host! What a place! What. An. Experience.

Tiger Steele is not a man I’ll be forgetting any time soon. If you’re in Carmel, don’t you dare for a second, hesitate to stay on his gorgeous estate. With his two gigantic Great Danes, Isabel and Fiona–a fully equipped room (I mean this guy puts ANY 5-star hotel to shame). You can find out more about his place here.

This old water tower is the thing of dreams, I promise you. A sunrise view that just doesn’t quit and starlit night that will have you pinching yourself. My goodness, me. I could NOT get enough of this place. My heart hurt me at the thought that the next afternoon we’d be leaving.

Day 4 — Off to San Fransisco

After the best night’s sleep I’ve ever gotten in my life, it was breakfast and coffee on the porch and our last couple of hours of stimulating conversation with Mr. Tiger and his little babies.


I’d recommend you’d go for a hearty brunch at Jeffrey’s. It’s a 10-minute drive from Tiger’s place and it will give you the fuel you need to sustain you all the up to SF. You can find directions to the place here. One of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a really long time.


After brunch, it was time to hit the road again.


2 and a half hours later, and there we were, in San Fransisco. We handed in the car and made our way to the Mosser Hotel where we were staying–again, smack in the middle of town. The hotel was a bit over the budget we intended on spending, but hotels in SF run pretty steep. Excellent location, good view over the city and a comfy room–it served its purpose right. It was the perfect platform for us to go explore SF, while also being close enough to the good restaurants and cable cars and street performances.

Day 5 — San Francisco

Our trip was starting to come to an end and suddenly I had this overwhelming sensation of NOT HAVING DONE ANYTHING YET!

We roamed the streets of San Francisco in search of the house from Full House, then we hopped in the bus and took a ride to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Once we were done with the Golden Gate Bridge, it was off to the biggest Chinese community out of Asia, the famous China Town of San Fransisco. We hung out there, had a few dimsums (for breakfast) and then headed off to Golden Gate Park to check out Hippie Hill with the beautiful sunshine, great music and picnic we had packed.

Day 6 — San Fransisco

We had some shopping to do while in Cali and that’s what we pretty much spent our morning doing.

For lunch, we decided to check out the Fisherman’s Wharf. Best place in town for good quality, fresh seafood–with famous dishes like clam chodwer in a sourdough breadbowl and steamed crabs–it was an affordable seafood feast fit for a king (or two hungry hippos).

We chilled at the pier, took part in a protest against GMO products and just really tried to soak up what the area was all about.

California really is something else, unlike any of the other States I’ve been to. San Fransisco and Carmel are places I could really see myself staying in one day.

Thank you tajawal for the opportunity to #tajawalTheWorld. Use the hashtag #tajawalTheWorld on any of your travel pics for a chance to be featured!

Straight-up Bananas and Tajawal #TajawalTheWorld


This trip, I partnered up with tajawal for their #tajawalTheWorld campaign ! I’m super excited to have had the opportunity to team up with them for my trip to Puerto Rico and California.

tajawal is the first completely catered to the region travel app. In both English and Arabic, prepare yourself to #tajawalTheWorld with exclusive travel discounts and deals!

To kick off our partnership, I’ll be dedicating two posts to cover my travel itinerary. All my recommendations and tips will be included in detail and some super cool vouchers are in the pipeline, you’ll just need to stay tuned!


It’s that time again. The travel-withdrawal time. People keep rolling their eyes at me, seeing as I just got back from a 3-week trip–but that just means the blues is hitting me harder than ever! Give me a break!

This particular trip was like no other. Well, first of all, it’s easily the longest vacation of my adult life ever. Second of all, it was so multi-layered that at times, the anticipation made me super anxious. That and the fact that my family were finally going to get to meet my husband after almost three years of marriage.

We started in Chicago for a week, then took a flight to Puerto Rico for a week, then boarded another plane to California and drove from Los Angeles to Carmel Valley and finally San Fransisco–sheesh, I’m tired just thinking of it again.

At the moment, my life consists of running my start-up and running my blog full time. The two together is enough to turn my hair gray–now add a trip that needs to be carefully planned to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a good old-fashioned heart attack at the wee age of 26! I needed all the help I could possibly get! I mean, we’re on a budget and there’s 4 flights to book, 3 cars to rent and 5 hotels to book. Voila. Instant cardiac arrest.

Lucky for me, I was able to book all the flights I needed, at the times I needed, at the airports I needed and within budget using the tawajal app.

So if you’re interested in how I was able to pull off this crazy trip, go on and scroll right on down, partner!


Day 1 – Day 7

Aah…the windy city. There’s not really much to tell here as my primary goal was to hang out with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I was born in Chicago and have kind of gotten over the touristy stuff. It’s a beautiful city, with a lot to offer, but my main focus was hanging out with la familia. However, if Chicago is part of your States’ itinerary, I’d really recommend using websites such as ChicagoGreeter where you can get a local to give you a tour based on your interests, free of charge!

Another useful website would be Groupon Chicago–you can get cheap tickets to different shows and activities. ChooseChicago is also another excellent tool to use when traveling to Chicago. It compiles all the best sights to see, free museum days and full itineraries for any kind of traveler! Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have enough time to explore all the art galleries, foodie events or museums I would have liked to,  but Chicago really is a budget raveler’s heaven and I will be back soon, I promise!

Day 7

Then it was wake up, grab a brush and put a little makeup, head on down to the airport again and off to Puerto Rico!

For those of you who don’t know. I am proudly Palestinian and Puerto Rican–strange mix, I know, and I absolutely love it!

We landed in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan first and decided to spend the night there and do a little Viejo San Juan exploring. Puerto Rico used to be a colony of Spain and a lot of their influence and ruins can still be found in San Juan. With cobble-stoned roads and old fortresses, parks and cemeteries, colorfully painted houses and city overlooking the ocean you could really feel the beauty of this Carribean island.

If you find yourself in Old San Juan, exploring El Morro, Paseo De La Princesa and Bosque De Las Palomas (the Pigeon Park) are absolute musts! Maybe get yourself a helping of seafood mofongo and a pina colada to combat the sometimes sweltering afternoon sun.


We spent our first night in San Juan at a quaint Carribean-themed inn called Tres Palmas overlooking Punta Las Marias beach. It was reasonably priced, cute and clean but a little far off from the Old Town–about 15-minutes by bus or car, but overall a lovely stay!

Day 8

And so we set off for our journey to Adjuntas. Sadly, Puerto Rico lacks good means of public transportation and so renting a car is absolutely essential to get around. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your entire budget on taxis–and to be honest, I don’t even know that taxis will take you from one city to the next. We used Enterprise car rentals in Condado Plaza (15 minutes from Tres Palmas Inn) and the staff were so ridiculously helpful, I couldn’t recommend them more! The drive to Adjuntas is absolutely beautiful. It’ll be over before you even realize it began!

My grandparents also hadn’t met Muhannad (the hubster) and it was just one big family reunion! There were tears, hugs and lots and lots of laughter–mainly because abuelo is a massive jokster and listening to the way him and my grandmother poke fun at each other and push each other’s buttons after 50 years of marriage is hilarious.

On the left is a picture of grandpa and I on the rooftop of his house, admiring the view of the beautiful rainforests of Adjuntas and on the right is a picture of my grandparent’s porch with the sunshine peeking through the coconut and banana trees–absolute heaven!

Every day was a feast, with my beautiful grandmother cooking up a storm every chance that she got. She’d wake up early in the morning to pick fresh papaya, coconuts, bananas and oranges from her backyard garden and make us fresh juices and milkshakes.

Day 9

Family meetings over, it was time to show Mohanned why my  Carribean island is beautiful–it was time to knock his socks off!

We got into our rental and drove towards Toro Verde–home of the highest and longest zipline in the world! If you squint closely, you can see the zipline rope that descends right from the lush green mountains into the national rainforest of Orocovis.


This zipline is a little different than anything I’ve ever seen. You’re strapped into the harness laying down on your stomach and are thrown down–SuperMan style. It’s enough to make your stomach clench, but what a view!  Although a tad pricey, the views make it worthwhile.

After we were done, it was time to embark on the 3 hour drive back to Adjuntas (It’s only 40 minutes away if you’re coming from San Juan). And of course, no Puerto Rican roadtrip would be complete without a stop at one of the many pincho stands on the road. What’s pinchos, you ask? Well, it’s your typical barbecued chicken, a la Puerto Rico. It’s served on a stick slathered in sauce and topped with some fresh bread from one the many local panaderías (bakeries). It may sound like something you’ve had a million times any where in the world, but it’s fresh, local and delicious, SO YOU TRY SOME CHICKEN PINCHOS, KAAAYY!!


Day 10

The next day, we set off to beautiful La Parguera for my first snorkeling experience in the Caribbean and to check out the bioluminescent bay of Lajas. What a day! We set out to Lajas to meet up with our group. I’d highly recommend getting a tour with Paradise Scuba and Snorkeling. They were just all-around fun folks to hang out with. When you’re stuck at sea for 8 hours, you need people you wouldn’t mind hanging out with, right?

We arrived at the dock, got all the safety instructions that were needed and headed out to the vast Caribbean. The boat was parked, we strapped on our gear and jumped into the ocean for four hours of ocean wildlife discovery. Although absolutely magical, for some strange reason, I did freak out just a bit–not sure why, I’m an avid swimmer and I love the sea, but halfway through, I realized I’d never been that far out into the water before, and something about being in shark territory and seeing quite a few sting rays floating beneath me, kind of scared me. I’d love to give snorkeling another go–maybe next time I’ll mentally prepare myself better!

At nightfall, we prepared ourselves to go out even further into the ocean to see the bioluminescent bay. On a clear night with little to no moon or lighting of any kind, you’re bound to see the sparkling ocean as you swim around. Unfortunately for me, it’s almost impossible to capture the magic on camera unless you’ve got some NatGeo style camera work going on for you. But, I want you to fully understand what I mean when I say the ocean sparkles so I found this here photo of La Parguera by Lissa Paddock on Pinterest.


Day 11

At this point, we’d been driving around Puerto Rico like madmen. So we decided to discover areas closer to Adjuntas. First, we started out in Bosque Guilarte (click here for the coordinates). The local rainforest park. Wonderful for a hike up to the third tallest mountain in Puerto Rico and then a nice chill in one of the wooden tree-houses along the way!

Rainforests equal loads of rain…in case the name wasn’t straight forward enough for ya. So that means, it does rain, at random especially in Adjuntas. But it’s never the rain that’ll ruin your day (unless it’s hurricane/earthquake season, then that’s a whole different story). It’s just the kind of rain, that’ll have clouds floating at your feet when you’re so high up on a mountaintop–a divine experience. God, I love this place.

After our hike, it was time to hop in the car with grandma and grandpa and check out their old house. I’ve got so many beautiful childhood memories in this place, I can’t even tell you. I remember spending summers here as a kid and spending the day playing in the creek right at the foot of their home, trying to catch baby crabs. Or hiking up the hill to pick fresh berries, bananas, papaya, guava, coconuts to drink–you name it. This place really was/is my favorite place on earth!

The entire hilltop is owned by my grandpa’s family and it’s even got the home that grandpa was born and raised in…and so was his mother before him. Sadly, abandoned now and ruined by various earthquakes and hurricanes, the 100-year old wooden house has been reclaimed by Mother Nature. The spectacle is both awe-inspiring and threatening, but beautiful nonetheless.

Grandpa checking out his childhood home.
If you look closely, there are still school books inside.
Abuelo showed us exactly where his bedroom was.

Day 12

Although pooped from the hike the day before, it was time to wake up at the crack of dawn to head out to the crystal-clear waters of the beautiful small island of Guanica (otherwise known as Gilligan’s Island). Reachable only by hourly ferries, the experience was breathtaking. Just make sure you go early as the mangrove island is part of a national park and only a certain amount of visitors are allowed to be on it at a time.


You can swim around in the warm shallow part, or venture by kayak (or not) to the mangrove areas and quite literally go with the flow as the current will push you to its heart content. A beautiful day at the beach with family!

Day 13

Our Puerto Rican journey was close to an end and what better way to wrap  it up then to visit a local organic coffee plantation and have a good old fresh cup of joe and then hurry off to a visit to Charco El Mango. A little swimming hole located 5 minutes away from my grandfather’s house. It’s quite a walk into the forest to reach the swimming hole, but it’s absolutely worth it when you get there. The Charco El Mango (The Mango Puddle) has been called that on account of the mango trees around the “puddle”–with their vines dangling in front of the pool, people (crazy people) use the vines to go all Tarzan and jump into the natural pool!

The sign reads “Keep our beautiful island clean”

snorkling+giligins 274-1-01.jpeg


We’ve got quite  a few more trips in store this year and stay tuned for our AMAZING California itinerary up on the blog soon.


Thailand itinerary–Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Yao Yai

I don’t know why it took us so long to finally visit Thailand, but I’m glad that we did and will take advantage of any opportunity I have to go back–there’s just so much to see, experience and taste!

Here’s a look at our 11-day itinerary to visiting Bangkok, Phuket (Panwa and Patong) and Koh Yao Yai.

Day 1

We arrived in Bangkok late at night and had booked a relatively cheap, but clean hotel. We were heading out to Phuket the next morning and so we just needed a shower and a clean bed to sleep on. At 100 AED a night with breakfast and a 20-minute drive from Don Mueang Airport, D Varee Xpress Makkasan Hotel was a very convenient choice. The location was good for getting a taxi to Don Mueang International Airport early the next morning so that we could go straight to Phuket. So there wasn’t much we got to see in Bangkok then, but we did get to stay a few extra days towards the end of our trip.

Day 2

We woke up at the butt-crack of dawn, had breakfast, checked out and headed towards Don Mueang Airport to catch our flight to Phuket via Air Asia. At the airport, we booked a day full of activities (the Monkey Temple, ATV, ziplining, river rafting, lunch, and take services for our entire stay at Phuket and an elephant ride) for about 180 USD for two. To be totally honest, the convenience of having a taxi driver waiting for you at each hotel and dropping you off the piers and whatnot is worth the investment alone.

We arrived in Patong and checked into our hotel. It was clean, cheap and the location was perfect for exploring the hustle and bustle of Patong–plus it was right underneath the night food market which is a win in its own right in my book any day! The Crib Patong checked all the boxes when it came to cleanliness, budget friendliness and good location. I mean, it’s not secret that food in Thailand is incredible, so the being right next to the night market, that night we had about 13 courses! I kid you not, I tried absolutely everything they had to offer–from grilled crocodile to whole shrimp to fried grasshoppers.

Day 3

Our driver came to pick us up in the morning and to take us to our full day of activities. I’d recommend you do your research well when it comes to these things. Some travel agencies get commission based on your purchases and so will cut your actual activities short to take you to some random snake-fight arena so they can get commission on every ticket bought. When we got back to Patong, we headed out to the night market for some grub then hit the infamous red district for a walk into the unknown.


Day 3

Breakfast. Beach. Massage. Taxi to paradise.

Up until this point, I really wasn’t too sure how I was feeling about Thailand in general. Once we headed for Panwa Beach, I knew I had fallen in love. I totally different vibe than anything in Patong, Panwa Beach is the quietest area with serene beaches–so serene, it feels like your own personal beach. We stayed at Dream Sea Pool Villa and I couldn’t recommend the estate more. If you’re looking for a pause from life, for a place where everything just stands still and is just so beautiful it leaves you speechless, in Phuket this is where you want to be. We got the room right next to the beach, with our own private pool. It was heaven. Pure, utter heaven. I couldn’t believe that just a 30 minute drive away from all the hustle and bustle of Patong, this serene setting existed.

Day 4

We woke up to the crisp sea breeze, and went straight to breakfast. I spent three days in Panwa and my diet solely consisted of fresh coconut water, seafood and sunshine. I didn’t have to wear shoes for three whole days and never realised how liberating that feeling would be. We spent the day lounging around the pool and the beach. Took a few walks. And steps away from the hotel on the beach side, there are only 2 places in the entire area. Lucy’s massage and the little restaurant right next door. Her deep-fried bananas and lemongrass and ginger stuffed prawns were a killer! After your meal, you can go right next door and enjoy a Thai massage right on the beach. I got 4 in three days and fell asleep on the massage bed all four times.


Day 5

Last day in Panwa and we spent it eating, getting more massages, kayaking and lounging around the pool. The hotel even arranged for a scrumptious romantic sunset dinner. Absolute bliss.


Day 6

I was absolutely heartbroken to have to leave Dream Sea Pool Villas, but alas Koh Yao Yai awaited is and so did our driver. He drove us to Bang Rong pier about 20 minutes away from the hotel and we hopped right on to the tiny, but beautiful island of Koh Yao Yai a mere 30 minutes away from Phuket.

And then it happened. The moment I’d been waiting for my entire life, but didn’t know it. A predominantly Muslim village of fishermen this island is as beautiful as it gets. A handful of hotels inhabit and it’s villagers are kind, loving and simple people that welcome you with open arms.Our hotel, however, was exactly what I’d imagine heaven to look like. 5 months later, and my heart still hurts every time I think of Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort and Spa. It was like walking into a dream that you never want to end.


Day 7

Once you’re on the island, the only things you really can do are discover the grounds of the hotel, or walk outside of the hotel and rent a motorbike and discover the small island. Within 30 minutes, you’re able to get from one side of the island to the other. We lounged around in our private hot tub and in the room the first day. Just thinking about Santhiya brings a lump to my throat.


Day 8

We woke up early, went for yoga, had breakfast and then went to explore the island and have (a much cheaper option) lunch.


And then just like that, it was time to leave again. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t tear up. And I’m not going to pretend that we didn’t try to come up with ways to stay on the island forever. But Santhiya will always have a special place in our hearts and I’ll be back soon–I have to.

Day 9

It was time to head back to Bangkok so we took Santhiya’s ferry straight to Ao Po Grand Marina where we were taken by shuttle bus to Don Maueng Airport. The whole ride took no more than an hour and a half. And then we were in Bangkok again–just like that, a total different world! We checked into our hotel Thee Bangkok Hotel on Sukumvit 20. The red light district, restaurants, markets–all within walking or tuk-tuk distance. Bangkok really is totally different from the islands and it can get to you at times. The plethora of homeless people, prostitution and children begging for money in the wee hours of the night is truly heartbreaking. It kills me to know that modern tourism has exploited their destitution. We arranged for a tour to the Floating Market the next morning.

Day 10

Woke up again at the crack of dawn to go to the floating market. And boy, was that an experience in itself. I highly recommend it–it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Old Thai grammies pulling boats closer with her stick so you can buy her fresh coconuts! AMAZING!




You’ve got to try everything they serve you. Fresh coconut ice cream, deep fried bananas, sticky rice and mango–do not eat before going, because you have to pig out once you’re there.



Day 11

We explored Bangkok some more and then checked out of the hotel and grabbed a cab to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Give yourself a good 1 and ten minutes to get there, Bangkok’s traffic is tricky.

And just like that our Thai trip was over. There’s only two other trips that I went through a travel withdrawal after–Thailand and Morocco. I can’t wait to go back to both!

250 claustrophobic steps later, the view proves to have been worth it after all.

Florence will forever hold a place in my corazón❤

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How could everything in this place be so beautiful? Morocco took me in 10 months ago and I’ve just wanted to be back ever since.

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How to make the cutest Thai island dinner ever:

1- stuff a pineapple with fried rice and make a pineapple smoothie with leftover flesh
2- make aromatic coconut milk soup
3- make refreshing but deceptively spicy lemon grass salad
4- stuff the freshest fish on this earth with even fresher ingredient
5- use banana leaves as candle holders
6- serve it all on the beach. During sunset.

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It feels like it’s time for another adventure, don’t you think?

How gorgeous is this place?

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