Vibrant and decadent mango Chia seed pudding

What do you do when your husband’s got a massive sweet tooth and yet insists on only eating clean and healthy?

Why you make healthy desserts, of course!

Hence, the conception of this mango pudding. It’s so healthy and energizing that you can have it for breakfast–and so decadent, sweet, and satisfying that it doubles as dessert too!

Here’s what you need:

1- ½ cup of Chia seeds

2- 2 ½ cups of almond milk

3- Honey

4- 2 ripe mid-sized mangoes

5- Pumpkin seeds

6- Cinnamon

7- Vanilla

How to get it done, son:

1- Find yourself an airtight container, and measure out the Chia seeds and milk and place in container.

2- Then, add 3 teaspoons of honey, a pinch of cinnamon and some vanilla.

3- Mix well and close container.

4- Place in fridge, preferably overnight.

5- Separately, dice your mangoes and place in blender and blitz.

6- The next day, layer the Chia seed pudding and mango puree in a cup.

7- Top with pumpkin seeds.

8- Enjoy!

The whole thing is so simple and quick–it shouldn’t take you mare than 15 minutes to get done and your family will love you for it!

This is a healthy, quick, and easy dessert. Go straight-up bananas, try it out and let me know how it goes!

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