A Healthy and Easy Dessert or Breakfast Recipe

Okay. I will be honest. I eat like it’s no body’s business all the time. My poor husband. So I’m always looking for cheats and tricks that’ll make me believe I am indulging in the good stuff (and by “good” I mean bad for you), while I’m actually nourishing my body. Here’s a colorful little snack that will trick your mind into thinking you’re having dessert that is bad for you when it’s actually good for you.

Mix 1 cup of Greek yogurt, with a handful of frozen berries, sunflower seeds, slithered almonds, yogurt, and mint leaves.

I first tried this glorious combination in Greece on my honeymoon and have been hooked to it every since.  I’ve actually almost had it every day since (1 year, 4 months and counting…) You can add this mixture to your granola in the morning for breakfast and you’ve got an easy breakfast that will have you good to go all day long, I promise.

Go straight-up bananas. Give it a go and let me know! x

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