Bulgar-stuffed red and yellow bell pepper, zucchini, and tomato with a thick tomato and mint sauce! Yum!

What are you having tonight?

For this recipe I grabbed whatever veggies I had on hand that could be hollowed and..well…did just that! I halved the zucchinis, grabbed a spoon and carefully made circles through the flesh and scooped out the seeds; also, I removed the seeds from the tomato and bell peppers after halving them.

I then put the bulgar wheat to boil in salted water and olive oil. Once the liquid evaporated, I spiced the bulgar by adding a pinch of cinnamon, cumin, pepper flakes, and black pepper.

After that, I drizzled a little bit of olive oil on an oven proof tray, placed the veggies and drizzled a bit more oil and lightly seasoned the veggies with salt and pepper. Then I stuffed the peppers with the bulgar wheat.

After feeling like there was something missing, I decided to make a quick tomato and mint sauce to go with it (I didn’t want it to be too dry). So I just basically fried off some garlic until golden brown and added a can of peeled and chopped tomatoes. A sprinkle of chopped mint and parsley, some salt&pepper and you’re good to go.

I baked the veggies on high heat for about 30 minutes until they were just blistering from the sides. Oh me, oh my!

You will love this recipe, it is delicious and filling. It was a win with my husband and my brother in law! Give it a go, and let me know how it goes! ❤

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