Sun-steeped ginger, apple, and rooibos iced tea and a turmeric tie dye frenzy.

On a typical 42 C degree day in Dubai you’re rather limited to the things you can do outdoors in the sun during the afternoon–slather some oil and bake in the sun? Pool? Beach? I decided to take advantage of the sun and make my own sun-steeped iced tea. Super easy, very versatile, hardly costs a thing, and oh so delicious. I made two kinds: apples, ginger, and rooibos iced tea and pomegranate lemon iced tea. The recipe for both is pretty much the same, a bag or two of tea in some water with whatever ingredients you want to infuse it with, close tightly, and leave in the sun to steep. 2 hours later, bring indoors and put in fridge. Sweeten with honey if desired and serve with plenty of ice and sprigs of mint. Voila! Easy, refreshing, homemade iced tea that you could boast about! 

P.s. It makes a very thoughtful and personalized gift.

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