Natural Turmeric Tie Dye

As for the tie dye frenzy I went on, well I had bought a dreary white duvet cover and two pillowcases off of a flea market in my community for about 25 AED, and decided to tie dye them with some turmeric (that I borrowed from a neighbor lol). I found this post from Itty Bitty Impact and used it as my guideline for dying the fabric naturally and I have got to say I am in love with the results.

First, I put ¼ cup of turmeric into 12 cups of hot water and let boil.

Then, I tied up my fabric using anything I could find lying around the house: rope, rubber bands from my vegetables, lantern wick. lol

After that, I put the fabric in the turmeric solution and let boil for seven minutes (even though the blog post said longer but I just didn’t want the yellow to be too intense). Seven minutes later, I turned off the heat and let it steep for another five minutes. 

I rinsed the fabric in cold water until the water runs clear and gave it a rinse in the washer with cold water.

Allow to air dry in shaded area and bask in the beauty that is dying your own stuff.

Here’s the link that I found the recipe on, check it out:

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