Straight-up Bananas!

Next time you eat a banana and think you’re done, think again! Aside from all the obvious health benefits bananas provide—you know being packed with anti-oxidants and manganese and whatnot—the banana peel can be used for various benefits as well!

Take one section of the peel and rub your face with the inner part. This helps to gently exfoliate any dead skin while also nourishing and moisturizing the face. Natural, chemical – free exfoliant? Yes, please!

Take another section of the peel and rub your teeth with it. No, I am not joking! Rubbing the inner part of the banana peel acts as a natural harmless whitener for the teeth. Double win!

And last but not least, cut up any remaining peel into segments, and use as a natural fertilizer or compost for any plants you have in your home. Dig with a finger, place a segment, and bury again—the many nutrients in the banana peel will decompose in the soil and pack the soil with vitamins fit for any plant to absolutely thrive on!

Use what you have to the absolute fullest, it will save you money and eventually, save the planet. Do your part no matter how small it may feel, it WILL make the difference.

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