Grilled Prawns and Bulgar Wheat Salad with Chargrilled Broccoli

My day-to-day cooking is me opening up the fridge and trying to put ingredients that are almost due to expire with fresh whatever I have at hand, sprinkled with a little whatever vegetables I have frozen in the freezer, with a dash of whatever canned goods and spices I have in my cabinets. I cook, for the most time, whatever sounds and smells good and I always try to make it a habit to be stocked up on delicious and healthy ingredients. Throughout my journey of trying to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, I have learned that organic, unprocessed, and natural are definitely ALWAYS better and tastier, but not always the easier or the most pocket-friendly choice. As I attempt to take on these challenges day by day, I try to come up with recipes that could stretch my buck, as healthy as possible, and more importantly than anything else, delicious. 

So here’s one my latest inventions. It was a big winner in my house. It’s worth giving a try as it is good for you, and super simple to cook.

I found that I had a bag of bulgar wheat in the pantry and decided to put that in a pot with some water and figure things out as I go–I find bulgar wheat to be a wonderful alternative to rice and it’s quick to cook (cooks in like a quarter of the time rice does). I continued to ravage my kitchen looking for ingredients and found a bag of frozen broccoli (of course fresh is better, but one must work with what they have), a few frozen prawns that I got a while ago from my local fish market–but you can use whatever protein you’ve got on hand–and a leftover pomegranate that was literally this close to dying on me.

Now…how to assemble..

First, I put the bulgar wheat to cook. Dead simple. One cup of bulgar wheat to two cups of water. Salt, pepper, and a glug of olive oil. Bring up to the boil and lower to medium heat and let simmer until water evaporates and grain is tender. Set aside.

I deveined and cleaned the prawns and made a simple marinade. Cumin, salt, pepper, ginger, and garlic.

I thawed the broccoli with some hot water for thirty seconds, dried them really well, salted and peppered with some chili flakes, and got my griddle pan to sing. I charred the living crap out of those babies and set them aside.

Then, with the griddle pan still scorching hot, I put a tiny little itty bit of coconut oil (vegetable oil works fine too), and put the prawns on to sizzle. Three minutes later, they’re curled and nice and pink, and then I…wait for it…set them aside.

Now for the dressing…


I cut the pomegranate in half and squeezed out the juice of one half in a bowl, a squish of honey, orange/lemon juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. YUM!

In a giant salad bowl I put the bulgar wheat, cut some spring onions, beat out the jewels of the remaining pomegranate, and dressing and mixed. Topped it with the grilled broccoli and grilled prawns and I had me a winner, ladies and gentlemen!

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